So much better than just picking the bracket...
pick a seed!!

Below is a list of the 16 seeds. The object of this pool is to pick the ONE team PER SEED you feel will go farthest in the tournament. The more wins a team earns, the more points you get. ~ For example, if you choose Kentucky for your seed 5, you get 5 points each time Kentucky wins a game. ~ Choose one team per seed from the list below. When you are sure you have your final selections hit the submit button. Two entries per person are welcome. Same entry fee applies for both entry.

All entries must be received by 10 AM (central time) on March 15th. NO entries will be accepted once games have begun. 
Standings will be posted after each full round of play here. You will also get an email after each round to show where you stand.

Note : Entry fees must be received by March 21st. If fees not received your entry will be removed from play.

Questions? contact me